Sunday, March 14, 2010

Party planning: The tutu

I've been SO busy getting ready for Ayla's birthday party next weekend!  She's going to be two. *sniff*  This will be her first big bash, and I want it to be awesome for her!  I thought and thought about a theme and what she liked, and a few things really stood out.  Polka dots, orange and pink, and CANDY!  Girly loves her candy, or "nan-nan" as she calls it.  So over the last few months I've been collecting everything orange, pink, polka dot and candy-like that I could.  Not so easy in our little bit of no-where!
I'll show you what I've been up to over the next few days, so stay tuned!

Part One: THE TUTU!
'Cause EVERY girl needs her own tutu!  I used this video on YouTube, but tied mine around elastic instead.  I prefer the wider elastic,  I believe mine was 1.5 inch.  I also made my strips about 3.5 inches wide.  AND I found that four yards for a toddler tutu just wasn't enough.  Good thing I had some extra tulle lying around, because Joann's is too far for a quick trip!  5-6 yards of tulle should do it as full as I made.  I also tied a bunch of ribbons on with the strips to jazz it up a bit.  Make sure you singe the ends with a lighter/candle/match to keep them from fraying! (You could always use Fray-check too, but I'm lazy lol)

I also double-knotted my strips rather than making a slip-knot thingy.  The last tutu I made with knotting is coming undone, and I want this to last!
And how lucky was I to find a random spool of pink and orange polka dot ribbon in my ribbon box?  I haven't used that stuff in about 3 years!
Looks a little frazzled after big Sis tried it on, but I promise it will look adorable on Boo next Saturday!  I even found a pink/white polka dot shirt with orange buttons (gotta love Carter's!) and pink/white polka dot leggings!  Score one for mom.

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  1. I love your blog. Thanks for all of the tutorials! When making this tutu, did you cut the elastic to fit the waist, or did you make it longer? And, did you tie the tulle around the elastic and the satin ribbon, or just the elastic? I am guessing you stitched the elastic to either itself or to the satin ribbon, is that correct?


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