Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little Lambie Lovey-face

I've been searching for something Easter-y to make the chicklets for their baskets.  I like to try and make something homemade for each major holiday, and this year I'm a bit behind. (although I guess I did make some resurrection eggs the other day...)  When I saw this post on MADE (dana always comes through for me!) I knew the little lambs were perfect for Boo.  But I wanted something truly special, so I set out to hand sew it last night while watching a movie (not such an impossible feat considering they're basically big ovals!)
So I'm sitting there almost finished with him when Boo wakes up (*sigh* sick kiddos = no sleep...) and toddles downstairs.  She took one look at him and proclaimed "Mama? Mine.  Baa! Mine."  Of course I couldn't turn her down when she's standing there with a lion's mane for hair, snot covering her face and a nasty cough every few seconds.  So Mr. Little Lambie Lovey-face has become her best friend, and I'm quite sure he brings her much comfort as he gets covered in *cringe* snot and *gag* germ-infested drool.  And now I get to find something else to make...

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