Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Welcome to my new blog! I hope you all enjoy getting a peek into our little world! With any luck (and a whole lot of hubs-neglect on my part) this will become my home-away-from-home (ok, or upstairs on the computer while AT home) and a place to share the random crafty, garden-y, bake-a-lilly ideas and projects that stroll across my brain. There aren't exactly a lot of people who "get" the whole craft-obsessed thing around here! (except for Char-kindred soul that she is)

I'm Jill, a SAHM to three gorgeous little girls (at least I think so!) Grace, or Beary, is now FOUR (omg, can I trade her in for an older model? I am so not liking this age.) Ayla, or Boo, is almost two, and is mama's little shadow. Norah (Binks) is our little sunshine baby born this last September. We spoil her the most, as she was a NICU survivor (which eventually I may share some stories about!) and is our last.
The hubs is my handyman, and will take part in quite a few of these ideas of mine. He's a good sport and always willing to paint this, or build that, or agree with me on the color of my blog header.
We have a brand-spankin-new house that I'm trying to tweak just so. I may mention from time to time the rat-pack, which references Abby (4yo black lab) Gus (ENORMOUS 1yo black lab) and the cats, Maggie and Miles.

Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions!


  1. Hi Jill! Looking forward to getting some new ideas for you! :D

  2. hey you! it's excited you are blogging again..i've missed you..:) glad to hear the girls are doing well!!

    j's cousins baby finally hit 3 lbs..yay!! she's still in nicu, had to have 3 major surgeries the first 3 weeks of her little life, but seems to be doing alright now. they will probably take her home close to her due date, january amazing what they can do now for glad norah wasn't that small!! sounds like she's thriving too! :)

    love you and the girls...

  3. Hey Jill, found your blog while surfing.
    Can you explain the Binks name? Is that a nickname for your daughter? I'm curious because it's my maiden name!


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