Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tacky Christmas village re-do

I know, Christmas is over. But I just HAVE to share this one!
I didn't put my Christmas village out this year. You know, the ones with the little houses and tiny people? Well mine happened to be from the dollar tree. I was just over them! As I was packing up my decorations today, I took them out and set them in the give-away pile. A few glances later and an idea struck. Now I'm a fan of spray paint, and my brain is always searching for paint-ables to attack. I had the hubs go out into the FREEZING garage and spray a coat or two on one of the houses. I used cheapo white Home Depot 99cents a can stuff, the kind you can waste. It was one of those houses with the fake looking snow on the roof, and glitter on top of that. After a couple of coats it looked awesome! Seriously awesome. I'm into the white/silver vintagey Christmas decos, so this fits really well.
So out went the rest of the colorful little town to my "painting area" in preparation for their new paint jobs sometime this week. I've got to pick up some nicer glitter first, and some more paint. I'm thinking that they are cool enough to display year-round, if I can find a way to incorporate them. I'll post a tute when I'm finished.

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  1. can't wait to see some pictures!! And how good to know that "white and silver" is your Christmas "thing" ;) I have some BEAUTIFUL white glittery snow flake ornaments you'd love. Too bad they'd break :( I'll have to send you a picture! And I'm SO thrilled to see that you're BACK in blog land! Perhaps that's the inspiration I need to get back to my blog(s).

    Much love my friend <3


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