Friday, February 12, 2010

Project get 'er done: Part Four


 Project four: The doghouse

The kennel is right outside the back door, but in the winter I really don't like going out there to let the dogs in and out.  Maybe that's a bit lazy, but I hate the cold!  I had this idea, and my awesome Hubs not only did it exactly like I envisioned, but he made it like twenty times better.  The kennel backs the garage, and I thought that if somehow we could cut a hole through the siding into the garage, they could have an interior doghouse.  This would be doubly useful: I wouldn't have to go outside to let them in, and they would stay much warmer out of the elements.  We have large shelving all along the wall that backs the kennel, so we decided to build the "doghouse" under one portion of the shelving.  Here's a pic of it finished (minus paint)

He added a window so they could see into the garage, and the spoiled rotten brats even have double-thick carpet in there.  I figured that there would be some sort of tunnel going between the kennel and the garage, but Hubs used some extra siding and shingles to make a faux doghouse front!  How FREAKING CUTE is that?!

That step you see up is the foundation.  And we had to put something down on the little patch of dirt between the kennel and the foundation because Gus (the 90lb puppy) somehow found a way to dig.  He has also chewed a bunch on the framing of the doghouse.  The solution?  Chunks of log to chew instead. LOL!

Lucky dogs!


  1. Oh, I love this! Where we live there are skunks, raccoons, etc., that would exploit a doggie door . . . but if the door leads to a doghouse (and not the garage or kitchen), that solves the problem. Brilliant!

    I'm so glad Ana @ Knock Off Wood posted your Bradley storage project. Now I get to follow your blog and see what you and your DH DIY. :o) Have a great week!

  2. This is a great way to deal with things... will it keep that silly pup from getting sprayed again by the skunk?!?! LOL


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